X- Brace and Tone Bar Gluing Cauls

Protect delicate scalloped braces during reglue or new installation

Price: $45.00

These gluing cauls facilitate regluing most Martin-style scalloped braces. The caul dissipates clamping pressure, eliminating the chance of crushing one small area of the brace. The interior of each caul is curved to match that of the brace. I developed the original prototypes to aid in reinstalling a couple of braces that had come loose and fallen off of the top. Eight magnets can be used (four at each end of brace or caul) to pre-align the loose brace.

These cauls can also be used to add new braces on weak tops that need additional reinforcement. Each kit contains two non-stick aluminum gluing cauls: one narrow (1/4”) for gluing tone bars, and one wide (5/16”) for gluing X braces.