Bridge Gluing Kit

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Here are my fab five fav glue-resistant bridge gluing cauls. They are shaped to fit the curves of the most common guitar bridges. I milled a concavity in the bottom of the bridge wing cauls to help apply maximum pressure to the outer perimeter where it is most needed. The stepped design of the inside caul allows the clamping surface to remain flat while applying even pressure to the bridge plate, brace and top. The bridge top gluing caul has a cutout to allow for bridge reglues with old style glued-in saddles. The edges of the top caul are designed to lock onto the front and back of the bridge, preventing the caul from shifting during gluing.


You may find it helpful to spray a light mist of water on top of the bridge before applying glue to help minimize the cupping effect caused by applying moisture/glue to the bottom of the bridge, especially on the very thin wings. Note: the black 3M double stick foam wing pads included in kit may darken appearance of certain rosewood bridges. This discoloration can be removed easily by lightly sanding or fine steel wool, but you may want to substitute or add leather when gluing rosewood bridges.

Video from stewmac.com