Back Crack Repair Kit

Repair back cracks without use of jacks or clamps

Price: $95.00

Kit includes 3 of the most commonly used sizes: 2”, 3” and 4”, and a sampler pack (one each of rosewood, maple and mahogany) of the feather weight, super strong cleat strips. Each of the ¾” X ⅛” neodymium magnets exerts over 22lbs pull/force. That’s 176lbs+ pull on the 4” strip, which is why, in most cases, you won’t need jacks or clamps. That’s the good news. The bad news, you can pinch your fingers if not careful! Keep away from small children.

Magnet safety warning:

Please read and understand the following disclaimer before you order or use magnets.

The magnets included in gluing kits are very strong. Handle them with care to prevent personal injuries, property damages and magnet damages. Thompson Guitars neither assumes nor accepts any liability for damages resulting from the handling or use of enclosed magnets. Your purchase confirms that you have read and understood these warnings. You, the buyer, assume all responsibility for any damage or injury caused by the magnets, including personal injuries, property damage and damage to magnet. Buyer must agree with these terms before purchase. Keep away from small children specifically, and, in general, don’t be dumb.

This system allows you to glue the entire length of the crack AND the cleat at the same time. When dry, the crack is both level and rock solid.

I use hot hide glue because it is largely composed of water, which helps swell the crack together and makes removal very easy. Many other glues can be used as well.

Lexan cauls can be sanded/trimmed to fit between back braces.

Dry fit cauls. Mark location of outside caul. Double stick tape the cleat to the inside caul. Apply glue to length of the crack; tape exterior caul in previously marked location; apply glue to cleat; insert caul with cleat in body.