Saddle Top Shaper

Quickly and easily creates the half-round shape required on top of most saddles

Price: $110.00

This is the fastest, easiest way I’ve found for shaping the top of a saddle. Originally designed and intended for use on vintage-style, glued-in “through” saddles, I find myself using this tool on modern drop in saddles (removed and clamped in a vice) as well. The carbide cutter head has three different shaping profiles: .105, .115 and .125. The tool is 10” long and has plenty of heft for added control.


The 3/16” wide shaper head cuts on both the push and pull stroke. For best results, the guitar body should be clamped in place. You may find it helpful to create a flexible stop by pressing your finger on the end of the saddle as you near the edge. I usually cut most of the saddle top and then flip the guitar around and finish the last 1/3. Practice on material clamped in a vice until you get a feel for this new tool, and of course, always use protective cauls to safeguard guitar top, etc.

When my friend Dan Erlewine saw this tool, he suggested it could also be used for shaping the top of T frets; he had long been desiring such a tool. He used a diamond stone to grind a lower depth profile on the cutter and uses it for shaping T-frets (after an aggressive leveling) as well as shaping saddle tops.