1930’s Martin Style Pyramid Bridge

Pyramid bridges were getting wider with each passing decade, typically 1″ or 1.02″ x 6″ by 1930

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This is arguably the grande dame of guitar bridges, as elegant as it is difficult to make. What makes one of these bridges hang together aesthetically is difficult to pin down, but you’ll know it when you see it, and I guarantee you’ll see it in these bridges. Martin records show that they made these later pyramid bridges in roughly three widths: 15/16”, 1″ and 1.02″. The 1″ and 1.02″ were the most commonly used and what you’ll find available here.

Ebony is black and streak-free with properly-oriented grain to minimize any chance of checking. I finish each bridge by hand.

Make a note on your order if you’d like bridge slightly lower or higher than the stock 11/32″.