1800’s Martin Style Pyramid Bridge

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The very early pyramid bridges were tiny — barely wide enough for bridge pins and a saddle. A range of widths from 5/8″ to 7/8” were standard fare on early parlor guitars. I’ve chosen to make the 7/8” bridge. It’s more practical, given a) it’s difficult to get very narrow bridges to stay glued on and b) the bridge area is often damaged and, in many cases, calls for a slightly oversize bridge.

This bridge is only available with vintage-style compensation. You will most likely need 2 3/8” hole spacing, but it can be made with narrower spacing if needed. Ebony is black and streak-free with properly oriented grain to minimize any chance of checking. I finish each bridge by hand.

Make a note on your order if you’d like bridge slightly lower or higher than the stock 11/32″.

I wonder who first called them “pyramid” bridges? It’s more like a three sided pyramid with a black flashlight beam for the 4th. When made properly, the reflection actually does cascade over the 4th pyramid like a beam of light. The wider the bridge gets, the harder it is to retain this beauty in the carving.