1940’s Style “Belly” Bridge

Replica of belly bridge used by CF Martin CO mid 1938 to 1945

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Perhaps by this time Martin felt they needed to increase the mass of the bridge because we see this change take effect in mid 1938. The belly doesn’t begin to curve off until a full 1/4″ behind the pin holes, making it significantly heavier than its earlier predecessor.  This bridge is another bit of gorgeous carving; its lines and form suggest a move from sexy streamline to bold strength.

Most of the bridges from this time period used either 2 3/16″ spacing or 2 5/16″. Roughly 11/32” is the default height; for an additional fee you can select custom height for your particular project.

Make a note on your order if you’d like bridge slightly lower or higher than the stock 11/32″.

Ebony is black and streak-free with properly-oriented grain to minimize any chance of checking. I finish each bridge by hand.