Keep additional magnets in stock for custom configurations and setups.

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¼” x ½” Neodymium, approx. 6lb force/pull

Magnet safety warning:

Please read and understand the following disclaimer before you order or use magnets.

The magnets included in gluing kits are very strong. Handle them with care to prevent personal injuries, property damages and damage to the magnets. Thompson Guitars neither assumes nor accepts any liability for damages resulting from the handling or use of enclosed magnets. Your purchase confirms that you have read and understood these warnings. You, the buyer, assume all responsibility for any damage or injury caused by the magnets, including personal injuries, property damage and damage to magnets. Buyer must agree with these terms before purchase. Keep away from small children and pace makers specifically, and, in general, be smart.

These are the magnets used in the Top Crack Corrector Kit tone bar jumping cauls/cartridges. You can also install and use them in the 1 3/16″x 1/2″ Lexan caul that goes on the outside of the guitar. Be sure to mark which side is UP because the Lexan is not actually 1/2″ as they claim, so magnets will protrude slightly.