Bar-Fret Wire

This is the fret wire that Martin company used up until mid 1934. It is sold in 2′ lengths.

Price: Price: $8.00
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Fretwire is available in most of 16 gauges from .045″ to .060″ wide (thick).

Bar fret wire is gauged, flattened, radiused and ready to install.

The price is $8 per 2 foot length (you’ll need roughly 4′ per guitar).

Note:¬†Expect wire to be within .002″ of gauge ordered.

Dana Bourgeois once aptly described fretting with this wire this way: “it’s like standing in a boat on rough seas trying to shoot a moving target on shore”. If you want to learn more about how to use bar wire, I talk about this in some depth in Dan Erlewine’s epic Guitar Player Repair Guide and do an installation demo in a DVD on fretting, both available through Stewart McDonald Co. Frank Ford also discusses this on his website at Frets.com. Look under Items for luthiers, Frets, Replacing bar frets.

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