Standard Base (Weighted)

Price: $210.00
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So here it is, the world’s first non-adjustable (ha, kinda is) router base. It’s super comfortable to hold and extremely stable. I tried them all, finally gave up and had to create my own. Router base comes with a high speed (60k) micro air spindle, a slide-on guard to protect delicate bits, and you can choose which of the three setup options is best suited to your needs: bar frets, T-frets or inlay work.

The idea  is that you set it up once (you know when you hit that perfect sweet spot), leave it, and grab another one (color-coded) for the next task. The air spindles are custom fit to the individual base. They are not interchangeable so the base and router come as a set.

Most of you will likely need two bases, one for inlays and one for clearing T-fret slots. Those of you who install bar frets will probably want five –two for the above mentioned tasks and three (or more, I have seven total pre-set for specific tasks) for gradually opening slots to your desired widths.

This new system allows us to  open up the old bar fret slots to a consistent size, so instead of fitting individual frets to individual slots, you measure the largest slot, and rout them all to match. This has a number of advantages, mainly allowing the human brain to grasp WHAT is going on during the process of fret compression.

You can also use this system to convert a T-fret guitar to bar frets.

This base has a CNC machined aluminum bottom plate and added weights which nearly double the overall weight of the standard base.