I have been involved in guitar making and restoration since 1983 and have come to specialize in Martin guitars built before World War II.  Throughout my years repairing the valuable vintage instruments we all prize so much I have consistently noticed gaps in the availability of tooling specifically designed for instrument repair and restoration. It’s my hope that you’ll find items on this website that will help fill some of these voids.

The custom-designed and manufactured tools presented here are intended for professional instrument repair people who are already familiar with the ins and outs of higher-level restoration, and who are comfortable making and altering tools to suit the particular needs of a restoration project.  Guitars are as different as the people who play them, and there’s rarely a one-tool-fits-all repair solution.  I hope these tools help make your work life more fun and profitable.

As for the bridges – huge effort and expense has gone into making painstakingly exact reproductions of original pre-war Martin bridges.  They are as accurate a reproduction as can exist, and they promise to save you a lot of time when you’re faced with the challenge of making one by hand.